October 10, 2011


Posted by Lori~

WOW—I have had an awesome week of couponing, thrifting, shopping (even a trip to a bigger city in ND), and using rebates!  REMEMBER REBATES ROCK!

This week alone, I have purchased and mailed in five rebates on products that I purchased.  This means FREE products—all I have to do is mail in the form with proof of purchase.

Rebates included:  Finesse Shampoo, Bayer Advanced Aspirin, Lysol Advanced Wipes, Progresso Soup, and Science Diet dog food.  Total cost for all of these items—just under $20.00.  That’s $20.00 worth of total products for FREE!
Soup cost--just over $1.75--with rebate...FREE!

I made money on the Bayer....because I also had a coupon!
Getting paid to shop is FAB!
To find these rebates—I found them on my favorite couponing blogs!  My only cost--the stamp!

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