October 4, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

Well, Friends, I am thrilled to report that I found my lost diamond earrings today!

I had a sneaking suspicion that they had to be together somewhere, or else I might've been able to find one on its own (say, if the other had fallen out and been lost).  Right you are, Ethne!

Shaun and I have fallen woefully behind on our laundry - almost impossible to keep up.  I am doing laundry 24-7 and as a part of that, I do a load before work and resume when I get home (Shaun helps plenty, but he's out-of-town for work). 

As I plopped a load of darks into my washer this a.m., I felt through the pockets of my 'summer bathrobe' and there they were!  They were together, along with a pair of pearl earrings I didn't even know were missing. (I have two holes pierced in each earlobe).  Needless to say, these little beauts will be frozen in carbonite properly secured before bedtime from now on.

Shaun and Lori were immediately text-messaged and Lor and I decided this happy news should be announced STAT!

If you all have lost something, I do wish you the best in finding it.  May the Force be With You!  [We watched a Star Wars marathon with the girls over the weekend in celebration of their birthday, which was yesterday.  Fortunately, they love Star Wars, and Shaun and I figure we need to get them trained in early.  Pretty sure Steve totally supports this plan and it will be followed for Mur-Man too.]

In the meantime, I am celebrating by having my previously-scheduled manicure at Little Rejuvination Station over lunch-hour today.  My diamonds will be sparkling in my ears!

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