October 19, 2011

4th Birthday Decor!

Posted by Ethne~

A little summary is in order for the decorations for the girls’ birthday party.  You know from here and here about the crafts I made.  Crash My Stash all over the place!

The pennant banners hung over the island and in the dining room.  They were so cute.

I free-handed ‘Happy Birthday’ out of felt, but didn’t use those at my house – just at Shaun’s parents’ house.

I made that big puff-ball out of tissue paper.  I thought it would be super cute, but it wasn’t.

My fave: I got a few Missoni melamine dishes for a couple bucks each at Target.  The blacks, greens and purples were a great mix with my other decorations.

FAB-U-LOUS!  And, for the evening, my house was super duper clean.  That’s awesome!

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