October 24, 2011

MINI: Squash Mac N' Cheese

Posted by Ethne~

Hey, wanna know what's awesome?  Completely coincidentally I made squash mac n' cheese too!

The girls are big fans of Kraft mac n' cheese, but I'm always looking for ways to add some nutrition.  So, I didn't got to quite the extent Lor did with her AWESOME recipe for pumpkin mac n' cheese from yesterday BUT, I snuck some in anyway.

I had some cooked squash on hand, pureed it up really smoothly, and stirred about 1/2 cup into regular Kraft mac n' cheese.  It was excellent.  The girls thanked me for cooking such a good dinner.  Super sweet.

See, Friends, squash is about as versatile as cheese.  Together, you can't mess it up!

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