October 31, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Now it was time for the adults and of course a party was necessary.  Ethne and I are always looking for reasons to party!  We LOVE a good party!

There were great costumes!  I opted to dress like Tippie Hedren from the Alfred Hitchcock movie THE BIRDS!  Super scary and super easy to create (more on this later this week).  Steve was Dexter--a favorite show we follow!  And there were tons of other great ideas! 

A SHOUT-OUT to Justine and Andrew for hosting a GREAT PARTY!  THANK YOU!  And to Jen for supplying lots of the ideas and party decor!  She is crazy about Halloween!  Here is a recap of the spooky costumes from the weekend! FABULOUS!

I apologize that the photos are a little fuzzy--there was a fog machine!  And of course LOTS of other awesome costumes!  HOPEFULLY THIS WILL INSPIRE YOU TO GET OUT AND SCARE TONIGHT!

PS:  Murray and Steve went home soon after the photo was taken and I stayed out!  Total BLAST!  This was an adult party!

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Kirsti Lukens Craig said...

Love the photos! We had so much fun!