October 5, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Ok…you get it.  Ethne and I love to riot.  We riot a lot!  And the Amanda Knox trial was no exception…luckily we were both on the same page.  She was innocent…no question!

Ethne and I are followers of all things news, celebrity news, trials, and so much more.  My satellite radio is tuned into HLN (headline news) 24-7.  And I spend a lots of evenings watching Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, Dr. Drew, and others. 

Yes…Ethne and I typically are talking about what most of Americas are talking about.  We of course talked about Casey Anthony and now we are onto the Amanda Knox trial. (If you want to read about it—it is everywhere…do it!)

Coincidentally, we knew the verdict would come in on Monday and luckily I was running work related errands as it was going down.  I was tuned in.  And of course—Ethne and I were doing cell phone play by play (she watching…me hearing).  I felt my blood pressure rise, I felt anxious, and I can’t even imagine being Amanda, being Amanda’s mom, being Amanda’s best friend. 

This trial touched both Ethne and I because we felt it could happen to anyone.  I work at a college and I see these students travel abroad.  Could Ethne and I have gotten wrapped up in a horrific situation like this?  Of course we could.  Could we travel to a new country as a college student, find a new Italian boyfriend—ABSOLUTELY!  Could we answer questions in a language we don’t fully understand incorrectly—ABSOLUTELY!  

This photo was taken at Brett Michaels!  NOTICE MY MAJOR RIOTING!
Can you imagine the shenanigans Ethne and I could get into in a foreign country?
And so the truth came through.  The evidence was CRAP!  The original prosecutor was CRAZY!  And Amanda is now in the United States where she belongs.

I told Ethne that I read that Amanda’s best friend moved to Italy to be close to her and to fully support her during the trial.  GUESS WHAT?  I WOULD MOVE TO ANYWHERE TO DEFEND ETHNE!  AND ETHNE WOULD DO THE SAME!  That’s what WOMS (AND BESTIES) DO.  Our rioting might even cause them to throw us out of the country!  PERFECT!

And about Nancy Grace…SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT THIS VERDICT WAS AN INJUSTICE!  Are you kidding me Nancy?  Your credibility just went down!  Come on WOMS—Ethne and I need a show!  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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