October 28, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Recently I was interviewed by my little city, ND newspaper about thrifty Halloween costumes.  And this interview…stirred up lots of memories from the past.  In particular Halloween faves.
And by far I have a favorite costume…it took me NO time to rank it at that top.  And the best part was it was super affordable and home-made.
During graduate school, my girlfriends and I decided to go as a six-pack (not that sexy man part), but as a six pack of MILLER LITE!  We actually got “aka stole” the idea from my sis Lisa.  We stole it, we copied it, and we were A-DOR-ABLE!
Just today I was talking with another "beer can" and she told me
that this was also her FAVORITE costume ever!
And the best part…we won the costume contest!  And even better…there was of course a ton of rioting!  And even better….the darn karaoke machine (pre-party at his house) got my boyfriend (now husband) almost evicted!  HILLARIOUS!

This costume was even re-used and borrowed by others for another party!
And this party included Ethne and her sis Whit!

Ethne was working Brittany Spears and Shaun--not sure?
Needless to say...they were in LOVE and married a few years later!
This costume is super easy to make…all it required was a white sheet, cardboard, glue and paint.  We simply sketched out the beer can design on the sheet and painted.  We also spray painted the top of the can silver.  We then glued the sheet to the cardboard and cut wholes for arms.

I had to throw this photo in that features my Steve in the background!
And my college roommate Sam--the naughty nurse!
In addition, we also turned a head-band into a pop (beer) top using aluminum foil and wire!

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Melisa said...

OMG! I had almost the same Halloween costume in college, except we were "the beast" aka Milwaukee's Best. Too funny. Sadly we placed 2nd in the costume contest but we had a ton of fun that night.