October 30, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Today is October 31 and Ethne and I both thought it was fitting to go HALLOWEEN CRAZY on this day!  We have had lots up our sleeves and needed to re-cap on all the spookiness!

First up, Mur-Man attended a Halloween party hosted by his good friend (he coincidentally shares the same b-day with) SUPER A!  We wanted to bring a game to play at the party and I whipped up a beanbag toss.  SUPER EASY!


MUR-MAN AT THE PARTY!  My little monkey!
Simply create a pattern for your beanbags.  I simply folded a regular sheet of paper in half and in half again to create a square that was the perfect size.  Cut two of each of your fabrics and sew wrong sides together (leaving one side open).

Fill with beans or rice (I purchased rice which was a better bang for the buck).  Pin and sew the final side together.

I created four beanbags.

You will then need a spooky plate or item to toss the beanbags at.  I had a charger plate and simply using electrical tape (which I already had) I created a pumpkin.

Total cost for the project…under $2.50 (because I had all the supplies with the exception of the rice) and the kids loved it!


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