October 17, 2011

Felt Birthday Cakes!

Posted by Ethne~

There was so much from the girls’ 4th birthday party, I’ve had a hard time summarizing it.  A couple things I still want to tell you about are the decorations and the other felt food I made: birthday cakes and a can of soup.

I pretty much followed a pattern for the felt birthday cake that I found online.  Of course, there were special Ethne tweaks that made it even better, but I think what I’ll do is connect you to this link for the general idea on how to cut out the pieces, etc., then I’ll show you a step-by-step pictorial of the steps I did.  I’ll point out where I added my own touches:

The pieces needed for one slice of cake: pre-decorated
I sewed the pieces together in the order of these photos

I found that if I didn't sew all the way up to the corners they looked better

I added these tabs to the slices cuz it didn't sit right without them
This fiberfill works for any felt project

Velcro on the sides to keep the pieces together and
on top to hold the candle on

These cakes weren’t hard to make, but they were sure putzy!  Of course I made three of them: one for each of my birthday girls and one to our family friend Super A.  I can tell you that these will be the last felt birthday cakes I ever make.  Not the last felt food, though, since they’re not all that putzy.

The can of soup and decorations will be later this week!

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