October 13, 2011


Posted by Lori~

My girlfriend Holly and WOM-MOM follower has great style.  Her kids are always dressed up to date and of course ADORABLE!  They are always in the latest trends.

Holly at Rebel Rousers meeting with her father-in-law

When Mur-Man was born…Holly provided me with a list of websites and catalogs to order (all of course for free).  This in-depth listing will be a future post—I promise!

But one company she turned me onto was Boden (or Mini Boden for kids) and I LOVE IT!  ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE STYLES!  But unfortunately for me…a little too spendy for my budget.  I do occasionally find some Mini Boden on E-Bay.

However…I still receive the catalogue in the mail and I dream and I create and I am SUPER INSPIRED!  Lots of ideas…and guess what…lots of ideas that I can pull off with a little sewing and creativity.  Order it WOMS!  YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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