April 13, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Ethne and I decided to recently donate a mommy gift pack to a worthy cause.  We put it together and are thrilled by the result.  WOMS—THIS WOULD MAKE A FABULOUS BABY SHOWER GIFT.

The gift pack stocked full of mommy essentials!
So here is the rundown of what our “mommy gift pack” consisted of:

A closer view.
A basket (purchased for 25 cents from a big city, ND thrift shop)—perfection!

A set of three decorative hangers (tutorial here)

Three appliquéd shirts (tie tutorial here and check out future posts for appliquéd shirts).  Shirts were purchased for $1.00 or $2.00.

Pacifier and pacifier holder (check back for a future post)

Wipe holder (instructions are below)

I received my wipe holder from my FAB friend and mom to two adorable boys Krista.  This was the perfect gift and perfect to hold wipes in my diaper bag—a necessity.  Since then I have made several, my mom has made several, and friends have made these holders.

Crafty G-Ma (my mom) made this holder--fabric provided by me!

Wipe Holder

Supplies needed:

Five items or less craft!
Wipe holder (a Huggies plastic wipe holder will do the trick—don’t forget to use a coupon)
A small square of decorator fabric (enough to cover the holder)
Craft glue spray adhesive
Grosgrain ribbon to match (optional)
Cord trim to match
Hot glue gun/glue

Spray one side of your wipe holder with spray adhesive, pull decorator fabric over the one side.

Ready to glue the other side and to pull tight.
Spray the other side of your wipe holder with spray adhesive and pull tight making sure the fabric is smooth.

Once dry, trim the fabric along the edge of the wipe holder.  Cut a triangle slit on both ends of the wipe holder spine.

Cut close, but keep in mind the edge will be covered by the cord trim.
Decorate your wipe holder using the grosgrain ribbon and a hot glue gun (this is optional).  Crafty G-Ma opted to decorate with ribbon (photo above).

Run hot glue along the edge (starting on one end of the spine and returning back to the start spot) and gradually add the cord trim.  Glue and add trim, glue and add trim, and so on.

Notice where the trim goes. 

The finished project!  MOMS will love you!


Unknown said...

Fabulous wipe holder! I am so going to do that to Miss G's - very cool! :) AND, love the gift pack - thanks for the creative ideas! :)

WOM-MOMS said...

I know, Sarah, huh? Of course Lori didn't know this FAB-U-LOUS craft till we didn't use too many wipes for KD and Easy Mac anymore. ~E