April 22, 2011


Posted by Lori and Ethne~

It’s Easter weekend and Steve and I are spending the holiday in Big City, MN!  And that means I get to see my bestie and co-WOM-MOM author Ethne.

Better Together!

It’s time for a final craft in celebration of five days of Easter.  And to wrap up the week, we are doing a craft that celebrates all holidays—you choose.  We are going to teach you the quick, crafty, and super affordable way to make home-made craft bags.

Supplies needed:
Paper bags (sack lunch size or larger—you can choose)
We have Easter colors + traditional brown bags

Wonder-Under (that’s right that wonderful fusible interfacing is getting put to use again)

Fabric—choose cotton fabric that has shapes and figures that are easy to cut-out

1.   Iron wonder-under to an area of the fabric.  Make sure you iron the wonder-under rough side down to the wrong side of the fabric.

2.   Cut-out the shape or figure of your choice.
Cute cut-outs

3.   Peel of the film (this will leave a smooth layer on the fabric)


4.   Iron the figure onto your bag.  You can add as much fabric or as little as you choose.

Ready for Easter gifts!

5.   Voila—all done!  SUPER SIMPLE!  WOMS—YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY A GIFT BAG AGAIN!  Consider it—super easy!

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