April 19, 2011

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Lori on…Sick Kids

Posted by Lori~
I know we say that WOMS DON’T HAVE TO BE MOMS!  And Ethne and I stand by that.  However, as moms often times our thoughts for Tuesdays will be mom topics (not always though).  This past week was stressful for me!  My son Mur-Man is 16 months old and hasn’t been sick yet.  Can you believe it?

Mur-Man so angry and SO LITTLE. 
Generally he is a VERY HAPPY baby!

I have friends with kids that have countless ear infections, and this past week was Mur-Man’s first.  But he decided to be REALLY sick last week, and Steve and I were concerned.

The whole fiasco began last Monday with a 102 temp, puking, and a run to the doctor.  The diagnosis:  double ear infection and lung congestion.  And so we began the regimen of medicine two times a day, with Tylenol in-between, as well as a nebulizer every four hours.  By Thursday there was no improvement and actually Steve and I both thought Mur-man was worse.  And so, we went back to the doctor for tests and a lung X-ray.  And I swear…at the doctor Mur-man got better.  Isn’t it funny how that happens?  He was on the mend.

So happy...look at that smile!
By Friday he was doing better and today he is mostly back to himself—still on medication and still on the nebulizer.  Isn’t it funny how a sick child affects everything about everyday life?
He didn’t sleep, so we didn’t sleep.  I had no energy and all energy was devoted to my son.  Steve and I split days staying home which worked out great, but work was hard. 
Quantum Leap turned into a major Quantum FAIL last week.  Exhaustion=bad eating habits (no energy to cook and so the drive-thru was our friend) and bad exercise habits (no energy to exercise=no early morning spin class).
And so, life is back to normal.  I promise to LEAP back into a healthy lifestyle.  And knock on wood…I pray that Mur-Man stays healthy for a very long time. 

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