April 19, 2011


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Steve and I are extremely lucky.  You see, Steve’s cousin has a three year old son.  Not only that, but Steve’s cousin has great taste and has given us all of her son’s outgrown clothes!  As a result we have TONS of clothes and rarely do I shop for clothes (except of course at thrift stores, clearance racks (very reduced), consignment shops, e-bay, garage sales (you get the picture)).
When going through my stockpile of clothing—I came across two high quality shirts, adorable, but unfortunately they both had a small stain on them (don’t get me wrong—I can’t recall if they were purchased at a thrift store).
Shirt One=classic, simple, Baby Gap

Shirt one=notice the stain!
Shirt two=Hannah Anderson
Shirt two=looks like bleach got on it!

However, the stains wouldn’t come out, but I didn’t want to toss these two shirts!  Eureka—an adorable appliqué will do the trick!  One of my favorite clothing catalogues for inspiration is Mini Boden.  A-DOR-A-BLE, BUT NOT AFFORDABLE!
Using Mini Boden as inspiration, I went to town.  And with the assistance of my friend Reagen came up with two FAB ideas.
Shirt one=a giraffe (or now it kind of looks like a dinosaur).  Stain gone=MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

It looks like a giraffe?  Or is it a dinosaur!
Mur-Man loves it!  It reminds him of his "dinosaur" book!
Shirt two=Pac Man and the ghosts (utilizing colorful buttons).  Stain gone=MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

One of my FAV Atari games!
Reagen helps Mur-Man model!
Adding appliqués to shirts is very easy. 
Supplies needed:
Wonder-Under (fusible interfacing—can be purchased at your local fabric store)
Sewing Machine/Thread
Determine your design.

Trace the design on the wonder-under and cut out.

Iron the wonder-under onto the wrong side of the fabric (iron with the rough side down).

Once the fabric cools, cut the fabric around the wonder-under pattern.  Peel the paper off the fabric (there should be a film left on the fabric).
Iron the appliqué onto the shirt. Sew around the edge (either sew close to the edge or use a zig zag stitch).

VOILA—Mur-Man is now wearing customized ART courtesy of THIS WOM (I MEAN MOM)!

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Melisa said...

I just love the pacman shirt! Mur-man looks adorable as usual. XOXO to the Mur-man!