April 5, 2011


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We received a question about formula from one of our followers.
Tara asked, “I was thinking of you and couponing last night.  We use the Wal-Mart brand (Parents Choice) soy based formula for M.  Is there such a thing as Wal-Mart coupons for their store brand on stuff like this?  Just curious.  If I could save a bit on each can it would certainly help.  Let me know.”
Great question!  And so I did a quick search utilizing the following steps (keep in mind you could do this for almost any product):
First, I went to Wal-Mart’s website to see if they did have store brand coupons (I didn’t think so, but wanted to double-check).  They don’t.
Next, I went to parentchoiceformula.com.  They didn’t have printable coupons; however they did have a spot to sign-up for samples.  I also noted that they had a face book page.  I encouraged Tara to sign-up for a sample (included in samples are often high value coupons—in addition, you will get on their mailing list).  Also, “like” parent’s choice on face book.  As a follower, you will be notified of sales and coupons.
Then, I did quick search using Google and the search term “parent’s choice coupons” and I found on the blog centsiblemommy.blogspot.com some fabulous information. 
According to centsiblemommy, “Even though you've opted to use Wal-Mart's version of the more expensive baby formulas, you can still save even more by requesting money-saving coupons. You can call PBM Nutritionals at 1-800-272-5095 once every 30 days (mark your calendar) and they will mail you a $3 coupon. The coupons generally take 4-6 weeks to arrive, and even if you have not received a coupon from your first call, you can call to request your next coupon.”
I provided Tara a link to the information, she called and guess what—it worked!
Last but not least, I also suggested comparing other store brands, for example Target sells the Up and Up brand of formula and often times they will provide you coupons for formula on Target.com.  Do price comparisons; it might be a better deal. Or maybe your baby’s stomach won’t mind the same type of formula with different store brands.  It’s worth looking into. 
And for you non-moms (or non-diaper/formula followers) please share coupons with moms.  Cut them and pass on the savings.  Trust us—those moms will love you!
Please comment with couponing questions or send any couponing questions to wommoms@gmail.com.  We promise to share questions and answers with our followers!

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