April 2, 2011


Posted by Lori~
This Saturday was a typical Saturday morning, Mur-Man and I went to coffee with the coffee girls (a 2-year long tradition) and then we decided to do some thrifting.  I was on a mission to find some dresses with POTENTIAL!  Dresses that I could re-style!  And score—I FOUND THEM!
First, I have to tell you that my bill was just over $7.00 and you won’t believe the haul I came home with.
First up, I purchased two dresses and a robe (made of a FABULOUS FABRIC!  It screams inspiration).  Already I am seeing my re-styles.  Get ready for future posts!
Cotton Muumuu!
The belt and the fabric were screaming:  BUY ME!

I L.O.V.E. this fabric!  I am seeing skirts for Ethne's girls!

Next up, I found a Paul Frank sweatshirt for Mur-Man that I got for 50 cents and a fedora hat for Mur-Man for an additional 50 cents! 

Perfect for Mur-Man! 
I also walked away with two framed art pieces that I plan to tear apart, spray paint the frames white, and re-use as art for my main floor bathroom (I will do a reveal some-day of this project).

79 cents each!  AFFORDABLE frames!
In the mean-time, when I got home I had to add some fabric to Mur-Man’s fedora and so I went to work.  I hit my fabric stash and found left-over fabric from the home-made “GREEN” shopping bags.  It was perfect and so easy. 
I simply sewed right sides together—turned the tube right-side out. 

Iron the fabric tube flat.

And then connected the rough edges…tucking one end inside the other.  In addition I folded the raw edge down and sewed.  I then tacked the fabric down with a needle and thread in two spots (this allows me to change the fabric if I desire).

Mur-Man chillin'
A view from behind
Mur-Man’s hat cost me a whopping 50 cents!

The "new" hat up close!


WOM-MOMS said...

Since posting, Steve informed me that Mur-Man's hat is not a fedora (a fedora is what Indiana Jones wore). So I guess it is not a fedora, but at any rate...I think it is an adorable hat!


LaLaLand said...

Way to go Lori! I'm glad we both had successful thrifting days!

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