April 3, 2011


Posted by Ethne & Lori~

So Friends, as promised, Lori and I have tried dry shampoo.  Mine (Ethne) is Suave and Lori’s is Tresemme.  Special Guest Whit says there are several other brands, some of which might work even better, but Lori and I are THRIFTY and we wanted to try something that would be available and cheap for all of you – before you spend more money.

Ethne’s story:  My Suave product cost $2.99.  Great price.  Smells like tropical pineapple.  Easy-to-follow directions.  Available at nearly any Target, Walmart or grocery store.  Promise of saving on showers some days – genius!


Directions: spray all over your scalp (lifting layers of hair to access it all).  Then rub your scalp with your fingers to massage the spray into the scalp/hair/oil.  Then brush your hair out and re-style as you like.

So the deal with me is that I have super duper oily skin and hair.  I’m feeling greasy by noon, so I blot and powder my skin to control the shine.  Oh, if only they could mine the oil on my face with mini oil rigs – we could slash our national dependence on foreign oil!  What this means is by the time I wake up in the morning, I have greaseball, oil-laden hair, in need of a shower stat.


I’ve tried it twice so far.  The directions say if you have oily hair, it can be used during the day to lessen the look of greasy hair.  So I tried this first, and guess what, it worked!  It didn’t make my hair look freshly-washed, which is my preference, but it did make it look dramatically less oily.  Almost like it had been powdered.  If I had a full day at work, and planned to go out in the evening with no chance to shower, this would be great.  Quick touch-up, and feel a little fresher-looking.  Not perfect, but definitely a winner.

The second try was to wake up the second day after a shower and to dry shampoo my hair and be able to get a full second day of hairstyle without shower.  (I still bathed my face and skin, just not a hair wash.)  One thing I was excited about was time-saving.  But even more exciting was I’ve heard that your hair styles better the second day than the first – will I actually get a chance to test this out?  Well, test it yes; outcome – cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

So part of the deal is that I have a mental block.  To me, not to shower feels wrong – in other words, my hair feels weighted down with the oil when I get up in the morning, which makes it feel oily/dirty to me.  The dry shampoo doesn’t magic the oil away, it absorbs it to eliminate the look of oilyness.  This really didn’t work for me.  I thought about how it felt weighted the whole day.  I tried it styled down.  I tried it pulled half back – and it did style pretty well, and it did look less oily by far.  But it didn’t feel right to me.  I found that the only way I was able to fix the feeling of oily-weighted hair was when I put it up in a ponytail.  And actually, that felt normal.  And I think I could pass off on the casual observer that I don’t have oily hair.

[Update 3rd try - oily hair 2nd day.  I've done it again, and today I've done the 2nd day thing, and a full dry shampoo, and I'm not feeling as nasty and weighed down with oil.  Workday, no; weekend, heck yeah!]

3rd Try: same day as 'slimer' and 'greaser' above
Smells like pineapple!
A serious improvement, Friends

So it worked as it said it would.  In a pinch, I’ll be glad to have it on hand.

My suggestion to you, Friends, is a thrifty version of dry shampoo isn’t too bad.  But don’t rely on it to give you a fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling.  At least with oily hair like mine.

So let’s see what Lori discovered.

Lori’s story:

Dry shampoo
Why on earth would we want to try dry shampoo…well you see, Ethne and I HATE mornings!  I love to sleep as long as possible and so I am always looking for solutions to speed-up my morning (especially now that I am a MOM), but even in college I was a greaser for many early morning classes!  TRUST ME!
I found my Tresemme Dry shampoo at Target and of course I had a $1.00 off any Tresemme hair care product.  I will admit that it cost me a little over $1.00 more than the Suave brand (even with the coupon), but I did it for you WOM-MOMS!  I knew Ethne would be testing Suave and so I wanted to test another affordable product.

I am definitely a greaser in the morning and if my hair goes unwashed for one day by evening I am SUPER GREASY! 
This day was no exception.  My hair was greasy---even Steve commented (which is unusual) that my hair looked extra greasy—perfect for the dry shampoo test.

I had to take this photo myself using a mirror--not super flattering!
Super easy and similar to Suave…all you do is spray it on evenly and leave it on for one to two minutes.  

It almost looks grey while it is working! 
And then brush out.

Brushed out and a LOT less greasy!

I asked a co-worker what she thought of my hair and Cathy said I looked FAB!  In addition, a male student asked if I had done something different with my hair (and this was without prompting).  He said it had more “body”!  WOW!

By the end of the day though…My hair was crazy!  It was a weird consistency full of body, but underneath full of grease.

More body than normal, but definitely greasy!


My analysis:  Use dry shampoo if you are in a hurry.  However, washing is best!  Better yet…use the dry shampoo if you can wash in a few hours (perfect for a quick trip out for cup of Joe and back to shower).
WOMS—I WOULD SAY TRY IT!  What brand is better?  I would always say go with the BEST PRICE! (Although we have not tested higher costing products!)


Katie said...

Heh. I've gotten comments about the look of my hair after the Treseme dry shampoo too. (I don't tell them why though hehe!) I agree. It's not the best, but works in a pinch :)

Anonymous said...

An idea. They make volumizing powder for hair, so why not use your dry shampoo on clean, dry hair for the volume. Genius! I actually have Sexy Hair brand of volumizing powder, the stuff does work. Pephy, I got you some so you can test it once I mail it to you. But try using your dry shampoo after you've showered and blow dried and post back your findings.