January 25, 2013

FRIDAY AT NOON: Ethne hates books today.

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I hate books. 
I hate one book actually.

I read this really great book last night until midnight; the characters were great, it was a love story, and then the ending was crap.  Don’t mess with my tender heart be-atch.

The thing is, I really love literature.  You might remember from here and here where I talked about how even though Lori is ridiculous for not reading Twilight, and I am in love with Christian Grey, it doesn’t matter what books you like.  There is always one out there waiting to gobble you up and transport you away and transform your soul, at least for an hour or a day or a month.  Maybe forever.

I pinned this funny quote on Pinterest.

That's right.  Pretend you didn't read this Shaun, I'm joking.

And this apt one for me when I get my mind blown by a good read.

It reminds me of what Snape says about Lily Evans Potter, but it's totally true about everything.
Ok, maybe one more

So I have been on the hunt for a new good book.  Amazon recommends books for me all the time on my Kindle.  I’m thankful, I really am.  Usually they’re either zombie-related (cuz I recently read World War Z), romances (cuz of 50 Shades and Bared to You) or vampire-related (if you don’t know why, you don’t know me at all – ok, so if you’re new to this blog, I love Twilight and I’ve also read the House of Night series and several others, FYI).  But I am NOT one of those gals who latches on to a Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson.  Those stories don’t turn my crank, no offense.  They’re a tad repetitive to me.  And I don’t particularly like to be inspired by books.  I like to fall in love.  I like to have my insides all twisted up with longing.  And, if it’s zombies, I don’t mind a little blood and guts.

BUT, I can’t spend $10 every other night because I’m an effing fast reader, and I can’t ignore my family, because I pretty much want to pretend I’m lost on a deserted island when I’m falling in love with a book.

So when this book came across my Kindle two nights ago, it was only like $1, and it had lots of GREAT reviews, a pretty cover (yeah, I know) and the author was self-published (which was a roll of the dice, but with a ka-jillion great reviews, which mentioned other books I liked, I thought I’d give this brave author a chance).


I’ll be clear.  I couldn’t put the effer down.  It was FABULOUS.  The characters were awesome and sweet and twisted and broken; the plot was well-developed, which is a fete; and it wasn’t some Nicholas Sparks broken record (again, no offense).  BUT…AND SPOILER ALERT…it was the author who was the twisted manipulator in the end.  She didn’t bring them together!  And up until the last page, she wasn’t clear; and I even had to re-read the last two paragraphs of the epilogue just to make sure.  TORTURE.  And then I couldn’t sleep.  It’s like the classic literature I read in college where the ends weren’t all neat and tidy.  But I like my ends all neat and tidy, so I say, EFF YOU B!T%H.

So, Tarryn Fisher, if you make it big and get published by some big publishing house, and this book gets made into a movie, I am totally not going to see it.  And I am so going to go public with my midnight, January 2013 review entitled “Argh!” which, I just realized in my shock and delirium I gave 5 stars.  Sh!t.

Just so you know, I did get my act together (after I b!tc^ed to Kari about it via text) and go to work and actually get work done, so the book did not take up my whole brain, just a little teeny part that annoyed me and nagged at me.  I’ll think about it more tonight.  And then Whit and I are going to try to wax our legs with homemade leg wax tomorrow, so that’ll be fun.

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