January 22, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Really, this doesn’t get much easier and it looks super fancy.  If you recall here, we celebrated New Year’s Eve at our house, and this trifle was one of the desserts (except this time around I used coffee instead of Kahlua Liquor, because it was for college students).

It requires very few supplies:
Any chocolate cake (out of the box works too)
Chocolate pudding (I actually used instant all-ready made to save time)
Whipped cream
Candy/Sprinkles (your choice)
Coffee/Kahlua Liquor (optional)

And it requires very few steps:

Bake your cake.  Once cool, poke holes throughout and poor 1/3 cup of your preferred beverage on top (Kahlua Liquor /coffee).  Or you could opt to not cover in beverage.  Let set for 30 minutes after beverage has been added.

While your cake is cooling make your pudding (or use pre-made to skip this step).

You will then start layering your trifle:
Layer 1:  Cake:  Fill it completely full and fill all gaps (I typically use ½ the cake for this layer)

Layer 2:  Pudding:  I actually used one four pack of pre-made chocolate pudding
Layer 3:  Whipped Cream

Layer 4:  Candy (optional)
Layer 5:  Cake
Layer 6:  Pudding

Layer 7:  Whipped Cream:  I like to pile this layer high
Layer 8:  Candy/Sprinkles:  Decorate for the holiday or for the party (or better yet, use what you have for free)

The best part of this dessert is it “looks fancy”, but is so easy.  KEEP THAT PART A SECRET!

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