January 8, 2013


Posted by Lori~

As you know here, Steve and I threw a New Year’s Eve Party and we had an awesome food spread.  But of course, not only was there tons of food, but also tons of shenanigans!
These shenanigans included a laundry chute beer bong.  That’s right, the funnel was on the main floor for filling and the drinking was in the basement (aka end of tube).

There was an ugly sweater theme and Aaron borrowed my sweater!

Not only were people slamming beer in our beer bong, but they were also doing this while having Mur-man’s underwear dropped on their head (courtesy of the laundry chute).  I promise the underwear was more for the surprise factor and wasclean, right out of Mur-Man’s drawer.

It doesn’t get much better than this…total blast from the past.  More memories to come (and I am sure many of these memories will involve a laundry chute, tube, and funnel).

PS:  Steve and I have officially given up cocktails until we each have lost 25 pounds.  This is one of many New Year's Resolutions.  Honestly, shouldn't be too tough!  And, I am happy to report:  so far so good!


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a little risqué!! I dont know i feel about this!! But ROCK ON CROUTON