January 15, 2013

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Ethne on...Following Directions.

Posted by Ethne~

Um, Friends, I totally recommend following the Sodastream directions of only carbonating water without flavoring it it.

Yes, the other morning as I added my DC syrup I decided that the carbonation wasn’t fizzy enough.  But what a shame to throw the whole thing out, I thought to myself.  So, rather than do this, I stuck the syrup-laden bottle back into the machine and gave it a few more jolts of CO2.

Well, it shot the bottle right off the machine and exploded DC 10 feet across my kitchen.  I am not even joking.  I had to change my clothes and mop up pop everywhere.

Lori would've been drenched taking this picture.

But as I explained to my co-worker DW and my dad, it wasn’t just Ethne making up her own rules, as usual, I had actually seen in my most recent issue of Bon Appetit magazine (the most legit there is, right?) that bartenders were making fizzy cocktails by carbonating them with Sodastream makers and while carbonating they were shaking the machine to be sure to get the alcohol carbonated.  So, I figured if those people could shake their machines with cocktails all mixed up, I could CERTAINLY give my machine a few more zaps of CO2.  Wrong.

So, as our good buddy the Pintester teaches us time and again, it is generally a good practice to follow the directions.

Pintester - read any post - she never follows directions, much to my gut-busting amusement.

BTW, Bon Appetit noted that Sodastream does not endorse the bartenders’ use of their machine in that manner.  Nor, I imagine, do they endorse mine; in fact, they will probably be contacting me asking for some sort of legal waiver against a lawsuit for damages unknown.

Regardless, I am still thrilled with my Sodastream.  Best ever.  I just won’t be a jacka$$ and try to go rogue with it again.  Those words are synonyms, I should totally know that by now.

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WOM-MOMS said...

Haha - Pintester pointed out in her post today, in reference to me no less, that she does, on occasion, follow directions. http://pintester.com/2013/01/pinteste-round-up-penis-edition/