January 10, 2013

Sodastream Diet Coke - Yes Please!

Posted by Ethne~

I have an addiction – it’s called Diet Coke.  Whit and I calculated it out and we figured I spend about $350 a year, bare minimum, on my beloved DC.

It is the STAPLE ingredient in the fridge at Girls Trip.

But I figure, it’s an awful big pain running to the store a couple times a week picking up 12-packs of DC, and Shaun was becoming obstinate about running to McDonald’s on Saturday mornings when I realized I had run out and needed my fix (I don’t drink coffee).  What?

So I pooled my Christmas gift money and bought a Sodastream.  Thrifty Nana (my mom) has one and so I was able to test it out – worked ok.  Seemed easy enough.  And the other features were appealing too – the diet syrups are made with Splenda, not aspartame; you aren’t going through aluminum cans or plastic bottles by the truckload – bonus for the environment.  

Using Sodastream’s math from their website (you have to factor in the initial investment cost of my machine being $80, the replacement CO2 and syrups which are $5), Whit and I figure I’ll spend around $65 on Sodastream DC (FYI, it’s not a Coca-Cola product, but tastes darn good) per year.  Big savings!

We’re crap at math though, so it could be all wrong and we just got sold a real bill of goods.  Oh well, making “fizzy water” is super fun for the kids and I’m not constantly running out of 12-packs of DC, so I’m feeling pretty good about my Sodastream purchase.  Thanks Dad and Mom Connie!

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