January 28, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Wow!  My card drawer looked like a massive explosion.  No sort of order….cards with envelopes, cards without envelopes.  Basically a total unorganized NIGHTMARE!

I got motivated and got my greeting card crash on!  First up, I took a container courtesy of Crafty G-Ma (my ma).  I believe it was originally a CD holder in her elementary school classroom. The best part was that it came with pre-made hard plastic dividers.

So, I went to town.  First up, sorting my cards into categories:
Birthday Cards
Sympathy/get well
Thank you/blank cards
Congratulations:  Mother’s Day, New House, Wedding, etc.
Christmas/holiday cards

From there, I went through the cards and determined cards to keep and cards to donate.  My supply was way too big and I want to give a card I personally like.  Besides the local thrift store will appreciate the remaining stash.

Next up, I made sure that I had appropriate sized envelopes for the keep pile.
I then made labels for my card areas and sorted the cards appropriately. 

It fits perfectly in my craft-storage you read about here.  And, it frees up a drawer in my desk.

And, remember a stockpile of cards saves time!


labbie1 said...

Great idea for an out of date item! Just bounced over from IHeartOrganizing. I am going to look around some more!

Lori at WOM-MOM said...

So glad you visited! I love retro-items every once in a while and the best thing is when they can get used again!

Thank you for stopping!

IHeart Organizing said...

YAY & Kudos! I love organized greeting cards! Super fab!


WOM-MOMS said...

Jen (from I heart organizing): thank you for the feedback and all the inspiration! WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!