January 20, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I bought this retro-style (complete with contact paper) cookie jar in my little city, ND town at a thrift store for 99 cents!  When I saw it I knew it was going to hold Roger’s treats.

That's my dog!
Of course, it took me awhile to get around to this project, but the thrift it challenge on one of my favorite blogs, our fifth house, was just the motivation that I needed.

While this project waited, the jar as-is actually turned into my hot glue gun stick storage.  Perfect—I know!

I first knew that I wanted to remove the tacky contact paper.  It was old and it was sticky.  It really helped to take the blow dryer to it and heat it up.  Once hot, the contact paper comes off much easier.

However, it left a nasty film behind requiring Goo Gone and hot water. And LOTS OF SCRAPING!

From there, I did a Google image search for dog silhouettes (that looked like Rogie).  I printed it and also printed Roger in a thick font blown up to 30 point.  
I then created a stencil and traced it onto the fabric.  Several layers of Modge Podge, and I had my Roger treat jar.

I love it!  Not only that, but Steve (who thinks he is hilarious) also said the jar can have another purpose.  Some day it could serve as Rogie’s urn and hold his ashes.  (Funny, however; we hope to have Roger around for a LONG TIME).

Thanks Fifth House for the motivation!  


Ethne @ Wom-Mom said...

This is hilarious. Totally cool, of course - and I never knew the tip about warming up old contact paper with a blow dryer. Good one Lor!

Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

This is so adorable! I love that your cute little dog has a stylish treat bin!Great upcycle project :)

Unknown said...
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