January 23, 2013

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven - WTH People (but I found recipes)

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, Santa brought the girls an Easy Bake Oven.  The most hilarious part about this is not Shaun’s reaction, because he totally rolled with it – what a dad; the total laugh riot is that every time I tell people about the EBO, the first thing they say is “is it even safe to eat?”  This is all true.

So, yeah, we’ve got one.  Not the blue boy-colored one that Hasbro came out with at Christmas (well, they made one for some boy), we’ve got the regular, Easy Bake Ultimate Oven.  And you must say the full name, cuz my kids do.  So I guess it’s EBUO if I don’t want to get corrected by my kids and trust me, I don’t.

Santa got each of them one of the refill packs, which I scouted at Target and those cost $6.99 each.  I have a little something to say about this.

Magnified 1000x

With regard to the EBUO itself, it’s decent.  The instructions are really clear, the baking is electric, like a toaster oven, and while you can’t see the items baking, it’s not a light bulb anymore folks so YES, THE STUFF IS SAFE TO EAT.  And the way it's set up, it's safe, with supervision, for the girls not to burn themselves.

That is pretty stinkin' adorable!

It's rather flat on the bottom, but rounded cute enough

The smallest - you don't bake in them, just for decoration

A miniature amount of frosting

But look at the size of these cupcakes I made!  Sure, they’re cute.  I mean, I pretty much adore miniature things {– doesn’t the girls’ 6th birthday party theme need to be everything in miniature??  Let’s face it, teensy nachos, tacos, cakes, cupcakes, trifles, hamburgers, etc. – best ever!!!} but when each of these nickel-sized cupcakes costs 70 cents each, that’s RIDICULOUS!!!

Plus, the flavor is meh.  And you have to measure EXACTLY right.  Don’t let the tablespoon of water added to your mix be a ‘full’ tablespoon or it will throw the whole chocolate chip cookie batch into a flat hot mess. (I had learned my lesson for these red velvet cupcakes.)

So, I’ve done some searching…I found a website that PURPORTS to have a ka-jillion EBUO recipes here – some totally from scratch and some using box cake mixes.  I’m down with that since those cost around $1 if you shop around for sales or use coupons.  So, Friends, I am TOTALLY going to WOM-COTT the EBUO refill mixes and am going to try to make my own from the website…I’ll let you know how we fare.

And FYI, the girls love the EBUO – They help me by opening the packages and barely getting them into the bowls, and then they lose interest by the time the oven is pre-heated for 20 minutes.  Then they try to sneak licks of the dough/batter before baking; and by the time the stuff is actually baking, I’m the proverbial little red hen.  And guess who does the clean-up?

Ya right!  But isn't he handsome?!


Anonymous said...

I hope you post any recipes that work for the EBUO! I bought my granddaughter one for Christmas with the refill packs, Yikes! I almost fell over at the price of the oven, but $7 for refills?!?! Come on, seriously! So I am desperately searching for a cheaper way around this. I have two more granddaughters that are 4 years old and they're next on the list for the EBUO. HELP, PLEASE!

swaycutt said...

My granddaughter and I tried some of the recipes from the recommended site and they didn't work out so well. We don't know if Santa dropped the EBUO from his sleigh but, it took 30 minutes just to get the batter to firm up. The instructions say 15 minutes and it's done. It's printed on the oven that the top is hot. Ours gets warm. The teeny, tiny pan is plenty hot and seemed hot enough to cook the batter. The Hasbro site says ONLY their stuff works in the oven. (I don't believe such a thing myself). So, if anyone else has tried the recipes and they worked out, please post. Maybe I can't even cook in and EBUO.