January 15, 2012


Posted by Lori~

This potty training is hard work…..and let’s just say that it was an eventful weekend.  I did manage to get Mur-Man to “sit” on his potty, but pee in it…NO WAY!

He did manage to wet three pairs of underwear, sneak into the bathroom and have an accident on the floor, and pee on the bathroom floor (he thought he was doing the right thing…just not in the right spot).
Mur-Man was happy to read the paper while "sitting" on the potty chair
One weekend down and now we head into a work week.  Hopefully, our daycare provider will have more luck.

Potty training is hard work….and we have just begun!


Chrissy said...

You might try a for-boys variation on how my mom got me trained -- she's always been proud of this as she thought of it herself. I am a girl so she sat me on the little potty and used a turkey baster to squeeze warm water between my legs and I immediately knew what she wanted me to do. Perhaps Mur can practice squirting the baster into the pot? Might be worth a try!

Nicole said...

We let Logan go without pants on in the house until he figured it out because he would just wet in his undies...I think he thought he had a diaper on at first. He never liked his little potty at first either so we got a ring for the toliet (without a pee guard and it had elmo on it which he liked.) Now he uses both...he can get himself on and off the big toliet with his ring because it doesn't have the guard. We just had to show him also to make sure he aimed down :) Good luck...my Mom has trained tons of kids over the years and she says they all are different and has had to use many different things so it will be finding out what works best for your little guy.

WOM-MOMS said...

thanks so much for the advise....we will keep trying!