January 30, 2012


Posted by Lori~

I was writing up my Christmas and birthday thank you cards (for Mur-Man) and told Steve I needed something creative.  And yes…when he is older he will be doing this.  (My folks instilled the importance of thank you and I hope to pass this onto Mur-Man).  Now I just need to get better about my thank you efficiency!

The best part was I had the perfect photo from our Disney World vacation….And I told Steve to give Mur-Man a talkin’ bubble.

PERFECTION!  And we printed them four to a page on white card-stock (which we coincidentally had on hand).  Totally FREE and totally adorable. 

Mur-Man can say "thank you" or "happy birthday" and the back has
plenty of space for a personalized message!
And the best part is that this card can be used FOR EVERYTHING!  Next up…a card with Mur-Man featuring yours truly!


Anonymous said...

Cute!! I print our thank you cards through Wal-Mart. I order online photo postcards and have a message on the back that can be filled in by the boys. "Dear ______: Thank you for ______. I love _______."

My parents instilled the thank you note tradition as well. I always hated doing them, but now I see the importance of them and am passing on the importance too.


WOM-MOMS said...

thanks Kyra for the tip! GREAT idea as well!

Anonymous said...

Awesome website, loved the designs

Embossed Graphics said...

Absolutely adorable and unique. perfect for any occasion.