January 5, 2012


Posted by Lori~

Yes, I am thrifty!  I want to pull ever dollar out of every sale….every drop out of my lotion bottle.  I want to save money and I am doing it!  WOMS---YOU CAN DO IT!

That’s right…I love face lotion and it is expensive (for me expensive) and I want to scrape every drop of lotion out of that bottle. 

I forgot to take the photo pre-cutting in half!  
Recently, I was home to my oil boom, ND town and my mom had literally cut the bottle.  That’s right…she claims that after cutting the bottle she was able to get a good month of lotion out of it.

My supply was running low, and so, I asked Steve to cut the bottle…and it worked.  A zip lock bag later and it sits in my medicine cabinet…filled with lotion.  No cost to me!!!!  DO IT!


Anonymous said...

I love that someone else does this, I don't feel as strange now. LOL I did the same with a bottle of body lotion. People wouldn't believe how much usually just gets thrown away!

Grace Pamer said...

Hello again! I always had the feeling that when I throw my almost-empty lotion bottle I am throwing some last drops but I didn't realise it would be as much as you state! I am also a frugal one but I never got round to doing this - that changesa today! Thanks for the saving tip. Love, Grace