January 10, 2012


Posted by Lori~

As you all know….Ethne and I are convinced we need our own Nancy Grace-style show.  We would of course call it…WOMEN ON A MISSION:  CRIME EDITION!  I am glued to my Sirius Radio HLN channel, but recently dropped down our dish network plan to NOT INCLUDE HLN.  (I was not aware that this would happen until it happened…totally devastated!). 

But I still keep up on all my news and Casey Anthony (AKA TOT MOM) is back in the news!  That’s right…there are videos of her appearing everywhere.  And I am listening and watching! 

And according to her lawyers…her computer was hacked and this was videos of her therapy (and HLN's Dr. Drew seems to think this is plausible). 

Of course, this is a topic of conversation during Ethne and my daily phone calls.  Ethne and I aren’t sure if this is for therapy, but there is one thing we believe…she is still looking for a pay day and she NEEDS TO KEEP HER NAME OUT THERE!

And yes, we are talking about it.  So WOMS…WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK.  Is this a ploy or is this therapy?  We are intrigued?  What will be next!

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