January 24, 2012

TIP: Toss your plastic wrap

Posted by Ethne~

I am here to tell you about one of the best kitchen products.  And...no matter how many people I personally advise about this, I am shocked at how many are resistant.  It's ridiculous.  You'll see why.

The product...[drum roll]...Glad Press-n-Seal.  Seriously, Friends, if you haven't tried it yet, or if you know me already and you are fighting me about using it, get with it!  It is so awesome.

Press-n-Seal is slightly thicker than standard plastic wrap.  The benefit - it doesn't stick to itself when you try to rip a sheet off of the roll.  It will stick to itself, technically, but it can be separated without ripping or ruining the sheet.  That right there justifies the purchase. 

In addition, it's got one side that is slightly sticky, so the wrap will securely hold on when you wrap it around a dish or food item.  And it's resealable, so you can stick and re-stick it a few times.  Easily worth the purchase.

The price isn't ridiculous; equal to or hardly more than the standard plastic wrap, so no arguments about its THRIFTY VALUE.  I haven't seen a generic version in any of my regular stores, but I'd probably stick with Glad anyway as a thank you for their invention.

I couldn't be a legit blogger if I failed to inform you of such brilliant inventions, so there you go.  You're welcome. *Glad did not give us any kick-backs or swag for this post - tho if they gave us a shout out on their website, we'd be very appreciative.*

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