January 2, 2012


Posted by Lori~
Steve and I have done our fair share of traveling AND WE HOPE IT WILL GET TO BE MORE AND MORE!  Several years ago we went to the Bahamas for a wedding…the MOST RELAXING VACATION EVER!  Nothing is better than a swim up bar with friends.  LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT.
While in the Bahamas, we knew we wanted to purchase a souvenir or keepsake to remember the trip by.  But I am really not into clutter.  And so we came across a Christmas tree ornament and our travel souvenir Christmas ornament collection was formed.

Our disney ornament.  We especially love glass painted ornaments
that don't SCREAM where we visited
Everywhere we go…we pick up an ornament.  We love them, we love to look at them and remember our travels together.  And…when Mur-Man is older he will get to relive the memories too.

This ornament was purchased in EPCOT Germany.
I loved its' size and that it is hand-made.
FOLLOWERS…do you collect something else?  Something unique?  Please share!


Roxanne M said...

The Bahamas trip was indeed an awesome trip :) But not quite as relaxing for me since I was the one getting married!
Josh and I collect maps wherever we travel and frame them and put them on the wall. We like to get antique looking ones, but those aren't always possible to get so we just pick up the nicest maps we can find. We also have a big world map with pins of all the places we've been together and different color of pins for places we dream about going to together.

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