January 9, 2012

Ethne's New Year's Resolutions

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Well, Friends, you saw Lori’s New Year’s Resolutions yesterday.  I think they’re great.  And let me tell you that I find pescatarianism pretty much the funniest thing ever.  It’s awesome 4 reals.  But I about died laughing when Lor told me about it when Steve did it for the first time (the laughter turned to awe when Steve had serious success on it).

(Steve and me) I am pretty sure I died laughing this evening as well;
no fish were involved in the little city, ND St. Patty's Day Run however

I have a few resolutions that are firm.  DECISION DONE.  Such as:

1) I would like to lose a few pounds.  Or more appropriately, I would like it if I DON’T gain any weight in 2012.  To this end, I vow that:

2) I will go to the pole dancing classes (hilarious, right?  and super core workout) that my co-worker KA and I have planned on doing since last June.  Plus, we will get our friend KS to join us.  DONE.  And I will eat a fruit and a veg with dinner each night (I don’t always have the fruit).

This is the day before the girls were born - I never
figured I'd get that body onto a stripper pole - but I will in 2012!

3) I will devote one-on-one time to Shaun and the kids at least once per week.

Time has flown since they were 1; if I don't
make the time now, they'll be 21 in a blink
Kisses for Shaun

4) I am going to put a lot of effort into my career.

I have a few resolutions that are goals.  Such as:

1) I will coupon more in 2012 – it is like printing money.  Seriously.

2) I will not talk or text while driving unless I have my hands-free device in use.  (My phone has a talk to text function and I can dial hands-free too.)

3) I will read the girls a bedtime story each night.

I think these sound good.  

On top of this, I will be my usual adorable self.  And I will laugh.  A LOT.
The MONSTERS: a guaranteed laugh riot

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