January 23, 2012


Posted by Lori~

Steve’s mom likes to save lots of things…in particular, mementos from Steve’s childhood.  Recently, she has been doing a clean out of these items and has been bringing them to our house.  (My mom does the same thing.  Now that we have a house, we get to store it).

But going through the items is a lot of fun.  She recently brought some paper plates from Steve’s many birthday parties.  And they are AWESOME!

Pretty sure this is Optimus Prime!

This was the first movie that I watched at the movie theater!  The memories!
I saw them and I knew immediately, they were a MUST for Mur-Man’s room.  What I will do with them is still a mystery.  I am asking you WOMS for advice.
My FAVORITE!  This one will look the BEST in his room!
I did recently look through Pinterest and found this idea as inspiration.

Click here.
WOMS…what do you think?  Any ideas?  Please make suggestions.  I do promise to give an update when the project is complete.

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Roxanne said...

These are awesome! I would probably want to protect them, so maybe a round shadow box for each?
Or possibly putting modge podge on them and mounting them somehow on the wall. Also, you could always just do a nice photo of them and display that on the wall. Would also work as cool kitchen art :)