January 26, 2012


Posted by Lori~
My fabulous co-worker and WOM-MOM follower Krysten recently attended a gender reveal party.  I have been hearing more and more about these parties and have been seeing TONS of ideas on Pinterest.
Yes, Steve and I were bound and determined to know the sex of my Mur-Man and found out at 16 weeks!  CRAZY…I KNOW!  It was like…lookout world (legs spread)…I AM A BOY!  And we didn’t even think to have a party!  Or better yet…have others surprise us.
You see…at this party the new mom and dad didn’t even know.  They simply handed an envelope with the gender to a friend…she made cupcakes and filled these cupcakes with either blue/pink frosting.


BLUE IT WAS!  What a genius idea!  The possibilities for these parties are ENDLESS!

The guests were asked to wear the "color" they believed to be the gender!
WOM-MOM contributor Steph did something similar, but had a Niece reveal/read the sex of the baby.  EVERYONE WAS SURPRISED INCLUDING MOM/DAD!
And no…I am not preggers….YET!  But I am thinking about it and thinking about the gender revealing possibilities.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it!

Gender in a box.  Click here for details.

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