January 8, 2012


Posted by Lori~

They say if you say it out loud or write it…you will be more successful.  Success is not an OPTION and so…I am saying it here for all of our WOMS to ensure IT HAPPENS!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

And so…here it goes:

1.    I will use coupons more.  I admit it, but I have gone off the coupon band-wagon.  Lack of time…is not an excuse.  I can do it and I will do it.

Back in the day...I bought these products using coupons! 

2.   I will get healthier and work towards dropping some weight.  I am not going to set a goal, but I am going to do some MAJOR QUANTUM LEAPING.  That’s right…according to Steve, we will work towards the pescatarian life-style.  No meat (fish ONLY) diet.  We are going to work to cut-out red meat.  Steve did this diet a few years ago and it worked and according to Steve, I derailed the diet last time, so I am on board.  For clarification, we will eat all meat currently in our fridge and freezer. And of course, add more water and fruits/veggies to our diet.  Not only that but Steve and I are part of a work-out team for a health challenge in Little City, ND.  Our team name--QUANTUM LEAP!  WE ARE MOTIVATED!

I am in the middle...talk about MAJOR MOTIVATION!
3.   Finally, I plan to attend church on a more regular basis.  I always harass Steve that he is supposed to be my “religious leader” for our family….yeah right!  I need to take it upon myself to go to church…this will mean Steve will go and my Mur-Man will go.  I need to keep the faith and appreciate my blessings.

So there you have it!  I am committed…and it is in writing for all of you to encourage and harass!  And very soon….you will see Ethne’s resolutions.  I hear they are very good!


Anonymous said...

Sounds very similar to my goals for this year. One way I've been able to add healthy alternatives in our home is by way of green smoothies. Basically blending fruits with a green. . .spinach, kale, romaine lettuce,etc.. . .we love them! Good luck with your goals!!

Ethne said...

Kyra~ Interesting. I have some green purees in the freezer, so I'll give this a whirl. haha ~Ethne