May 6, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Tried it yet?

Hey everyone!

Lori and I are working hard to post lots of fun stuff for y'all to try and enjoy.  And by working hard, I really mean:  HAVING A BLAST!

So, partly as market research (so we know what stuff you guys want to see us do more of), partly out of curiosity, and fully in celebration of Lori's birthday, we're having another giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, between now and next Friday (the 13th har har), comment on this post - tell us about something you've tried or done after you saw it on our site!  If you have pics, feel free to email us at  We'll go through your comments after the deadline;  we'll even post some of what you've submitted!

And of course, we'll have a drawing among the entries and mail two winners some homemade laundry detergent or a drawer sachet!

Win some of this...
...or this!

~Ethne & Lori

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Codi Austreim said...

I've checked out the coupon sites that Lori posted and have tried to do more couponing!!!

Call me Kate said...

ALL the couponing ideas. Including the class :) My mouth still waters with every dress restyle, but I'm too chicken to try!!

Melisa said...

I love reading all the things you ladies do! I am not nearly as productive. Let's see, I have a failing quantum leap going on (haha)! So there's something I've done. ;) I also am referring my sister to your new baby must haves list, and I have mentally noted many crafts/recipes for sometime in the future when I am move motivated, whenever that is!