May 9, 2011


Posted by Lori~

COUPONS!  COUPONS!  COUPONS!  I don’t know about you but coupons and savings are constantly on my mind.  Yes, I am a little obsessed.
Yesterday was mother’s day, and I unfortunately had the cold/flu!  YUCK!  No puking, but the shakes, cold, fever, etc.  Of course, my doting husband took very good care of me!  Steve left the house quick to meet a college student (he is a College Professor) and stopped off at a local coffee shop. 
YES!  My hubby has sexy glasses!

When he got home—I noticed a coupon on the cup sleeve!  That’s right—a whopping $2.00 off Visine.  Maybe this isn’t something new and I have been out of the loop, but it’s another place to look for coupons!  SO WOMS—BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR COUPONS EVERYWHERE!  Let WOM-MOM know if you find coupons in unusual spots, and we will share with our followers.  And don’t forget to KEEP SAVING!

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