May 22, 2011


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Since I have a short attention span for my crafting (ie, I love the idea of quilting, but I don’t make them very often because they take a while) – I’m always on the hunt. 

Well, you’ll never guess what my foraging turned up this time!  A FREE Amy Butler pattern from her website.  She’s got numerous to choose from for FREE as well as loads you can purchase for pretty reasonable prices.  When I saw this cute little portfolio, I knew it was just the thing for me – to hold my coupons in my purse!!!  (That way I’ll actually have them on hand when I’m out shopping.)

So I went to my fave quilt shop, Fat Quarter, and found some fabric.  Selecting fabric always takes the longest, and in this case it took LITERALLY longer to pick my fabric than to sew the little guy.  The fortunate thing is not much fabric is needed, so it didn’t cost very much to buy new fabric (about $4 for what I chose); or you could totally crash your fabric stash (free) or use fat quarters (a couple bucks).  I’ll be doing more of these and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  FREE=FABULOUS

The only other thing I had to find was some lightweight canvas to go between the layers and give the folio a little body.  With my JoAnn’s coupon, I got the canvas for 78¢.  THRIFTY!

Click here to get your own copy of the pattern – Amy Butler has the rights to it – but in essence you:

Cut out your fabric pieces and either strips of ribbon or make them from fabric.  I elected to make them.

Make the 2 pockets for inside.

Sandwich the layers of the main folio with the canvas.

Sew the whole baby together as instructed and voila!  Easy peasy!

Look how sweet it is there holding my coupons.  J  A perfect fit for both the coupons and in my purse.

ORGANIZATION NOTE:  The folio has only 2 pockets, so I don’t have the dividers like my old coupon holder.  I decided to use paperclips – I clumped the coupons into category and I store the household items/non-food coupons on one side, and then all the food coupons on the other.  Works for me!

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