May 21, 2011

TOGETHER AGAIN: St. Paul Strategy!

Posted by Ethne and Lori~

Guess what?  Lori and I are together for a few hours this rainy MN afternoon!  She and Steve are in town this weekend for a wedding and we are squeezing in a blog strategy session here on Grand Avenue in St. Paul!  Thanks Caribou FREE Wi-Fi!

We have to give a shout-out to my co-worker, Keri, for giving me a Caribou coupon for buy-one, get-one free (BOGO!) drinks!  And a hint for another Keri-Ethne antic: pole dancing classes - stay posted!

BFF's - Lori's dressed up for the wedding -
check out her birthday pearls!

So I picked Lori up at her $40 downtown St. Paul Hilton Garden Inn hotel this morning, and as we cruised Summit Ave. on the way to Caribou on Grand, Lori spotted a "Sale in Alley" sign in front of one of the monster-size Summit homes.  We knew this sale would = quality finds.  Obviously these WOMs stopped.

Check out the giant houses!

Surprisingly, there weren't as many upper-crust deals as we expected, but Lori did snag a Robomaid sweeper machine for 3 clams - we'll do anything to get out of cleaning!!  She will blog about this once she's tried it out.  (PS, Lori just hired a college student to clean her and Steve's house.  WOMs need to prioritize - we can't do everything!)

Looks a little sketchy to me - but worth a try for $3!
Sweet Savings!

Writing this post!
So now here we are at Caribou, with our BOGO COUPON Medium Sugar-free Lite Vanilla Lattes with a whopping 130 calories each (we're pleased because it meets Quantum Leap requirements!), planning what we'll be posting for you in the near future.  Want a few hints?

-Reusable coffee sleeve
-One-hour bag
-Extreme rummaging
-Kids hoodies
-Bulk prices compared to grocery store prices
-Homemade pillow pals
-Lots of Riot Girls tales
This cutie is $5.99 - ours will be FREE!

Also, Lori is giving me a few tips for better couponing skills.  She has her new coupon binder (which we discussed will be getting a make-over soon) to show off.  BIG FYI: We plan to put on some FREE couponing classes here in the Cities and some ND towns as well - so watch for our announcements on dates/times/places!!!

It's like a book of money!

PS, we are thrilled that we are making our way up the rankings on  Don't forget to click on the 'Vote for Us' button on the left side of our page - you can vote for us and also check out other great mommy sites out there in the blogosphere!

Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!


Anonymous said...

In your post you say the Caribou coupon is for "today only" but if you look at the picture of the coupon you posted it is actually for BOTH Sat and Sun. Maybe double check info to make sure the info you are sharing accurate.

WOM-MOMS said...

Hello Anonymous!

You are right! We were having so much fun and forgot to double-check the coupon.

We WOMS will strive to be more accurate in the future!