May 8, 2011


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It’s been a fabulous weekend! We (Ethne’s family) had a relaxing couple of days – and I even got to sleep in this morning – SA-WEET! Shaun and I spent time with our families and the weather mostly cooperated, so we got to spend a lot of time outside. That’s the epitome of relaxing if you ask me.
My awesome family
Thrifty Nana and her girls - wish Whit was here!
Lori, I’m afraid, has the flu, but I know she was doted on even more by Steve and Mur-Man, so she definitely knows how much she’s loved. She got a string of pearls for her birthday (Cinco de Mayo, remember), a Keurig for Mother’s Day, Mur-Man colored her a picture, Steve cooked steaks for lunch and is ordering in Perkins for dinner. Not too shabby, eh?
My classic birthday pearls:  Jacqui Kennedy here I come!

Ready to brew and thriftier than coffee shop lattes!
Mur-Man is trying to eat my picture!
As promised, I went out a bought myself some shoes – 2 pairs as it were. Man did I enjoy that. Spending time with family – what it’s all about, Friends – is the best of all. ☺

I'm pretty much in love
I didn’t have the camera out yesterday to document shopping with Mom D and Heather, but that’s because I was in a shoe frenzy! We bought Mom D a Pandora bracelet and a couple of charms, and the girls colored her pictures. We capped off the day with hamburgers on the grill (first time this season) and KD saying at dinner: “Grandma, we’re one big happy family” (tear!) and a little later: “Grandma, did you know horses sleep standing up?” Grandma was about ready to burst with pride.

This morning after I lazily crawled out of bed (8:15 a.m.!!), we had cinnamon rolls and cleaned the house. What?!? Yes, I wanted a clean house – the floors were full of crumbs and cat hair and schlops of who-knows-what, the bathroom had been ignored for far too long, the cat litter needed to be picked, laundry folded, island cleared off – coming home to a fresh, clean house – miraculous!

We went over to Thrifty Nana’s for the rest of the day and had a FAB day. We gave her a charm for her Pandora bracelet – as well as some hand-drawn pictures. We made a wren house, which turned into Franken-house because TN nailed the wrong side on in one place; then she and Shaun broke the plank of wood when they pried it off, so it had to be glued and stapled back together. Then a nail went thru the entryway of the little house – Momma Wren would’ve passed on that house of horrors! But thanks to a little help from Easy Mac, the nail was bent safely away and the plank was in the right spot. It does look like freakish with the staples all up the side though.
The 'handy' pretty much skipped me over -
my child evidently got the gene directly
Almost done with Franken-house...
...till we noticed the nail through the doorway

We had a feast of steaks on the grill and then got super messy planting two blueberry bushes in the garden.

Mommy and Easy Mac
KD and Thrifty Nana making a mess planting a blueberry bush
Easy Mac's plant
Oh, and KD wet her pants twice.

We love getting dirty!

Friends, Lori and I hope that your Mother’s Days were equally lovely! In a few hours I’ll have to step down from my throne and get back to work. Aww Maaaan!

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