May 3, 2011


Posted by Lori~
This past weekend I hit the roller derby in my little city, ND town. 

IT ROCKED AND ROLLED!  And as you remember WOM-MOM made the helmet covers (AKA PANTIES) for the team and they worked great.


This was my first taste of a “real” derby. Yes, I have seen the movie Whip It, but I haven’t physically seen a live derby in action.  IT WAS FANTASTIC! 

There's Jen front and center (OUR ROLLER DERBY GIRL)
Jen is having a baby, so she couldn't DERBY, BUT HAD A BLAST ORGANIZING!
I am now educated on the rules, game, and so much more!  The helmet panties are used to distinguish the jammer on the team.  The jammer wears the star cover and has absolutely NO FEAR.  The jammer flies through the blockers and for every opponent she passes, she scores! 

The JAMMERS IN ACTION!  Check out their panties! 
The stripe helmet cover is used for the pivot.  This person sets the pace of the jam (or round).  The blockers do not pass the stripe.  Of course there are other rules that=penalties, but you get the picture. 

The derby consisted of the derby, but it also consisted of a giant buffalo (you can find out about the identity of the buffalo during the next post) because the team is the BUFF CITY BRAWLERS, belly dancers (that’s right—the belly dancing club from the College performed), a beer garden, fair food, and even a roller derby after party!

 Buffalo identity=TOP SECRET!
I personally am not physically cut-out to be a derby girl.  I am convinced I would lie in a fetal position on the track when a derby girl is coming after me.  But for those of you that are “tough enough” to derby—consider it.  Email if you want to join the BUFF CITY BRAWLERS and we will forward your information onto our BUFF CITY CONTACT.  WOMS FOR SURE CAN DERBY (I just realized this sounds VERY ND accent)!  AND MOMS CAN DERBY TOO!

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