May 20, 2011


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Honestly, I never thought that I would get to that point.  We have all seen Extreme Couponing and see the massive binders that couponers use!  However, my binder isn’t that big, but it was necessary.
I went from a small coupon organizer —check it out:

There's the original

Totally busting at the seams and stuffed to the MAX!
To a much larger coupon organizer—shown here:

There I am reorginzing into my "much larger" coupon binder, but still not big enough!
And now I did another major upgrade to the binder system—right here:

I don't LOVE the floral print, but keep in mind it was a quarter!
First off, I have decided that this binder will save me MAJOR TIME!  And it is time that I need.  The binder, along with trading card inserts as well as photo sheet inserts works slick, because I can see every coupon as I am flipping and searching, rather than file through a massive stack (which I was forced to do with the old system).
The best part of the new binder is that I purchased the binder along with several photo sheets for 25 cents at a rummage sale! SCORE!  And then my hubby Steve (total comic book NERD (I say this lovingly:  You see I love guys that are intelligent, that wear little glasses, and that are FUN!  And my hubby meets all these requirements and more) purchased the other sheets using of course, you guess it:  A COUPON! 

Purchased with a coupon!
Super easy to find coupons with the new system
So, I am taking this binder, my blog research (check out WOM-MOM FAVES:,, and, and my butt all the way to big city, MN.  And guess who lives in big city, MN?  ETHNE!
We plan to do a major couponing adventure on Saturday and of course we will document, document, document all the savings!  We can’t wait!
Couponers, thrifty moms, and WOMS don’t be embarrassed about carrying a binder.  Look at it like you are caring a binder full of major savings OR REAL HARD CASH!! 

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