May 5, 2011


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This Sunday is Mother’s Day and a day to celebrate all things MOM!  Of course—we needed gifts for the moms (or Grandma’s).  Still not sure what Steve has in store for me….it’s a surprise.  And who knows about Shaun.  Ethne and I will have to give updates on Monday.
And so, Ethne and I are of course huge fans of home-made gifts.  They are the BEST!  In keeping with this, Ethne had the girls make Mother's Day cards for the grandmas.  Now that they're starting to draw stick figures and write their names, it's very cute!
A quick crash my stash (fabric stash), a quick brainstorm, and voila—I had a plan.  One of Steve’s moms (Grandma C) somehow got her hands on a ton of shower curtain fabric samples (actually large size pieces like you would see in a Target or Wal-Mart aisle). 
My shower curtain STASH!

Now all I need is potpourri and I can make drawer sachets.  My ONLY cost is $4.00 total for the potpourri (and I still have leftover potpourri). 

I have the fabric, I have the thread, and I have the sewing machine.  HOME-MADE AND AFFORDABLE! This is BEST!
To make the drawer sachets, I first cut a pattern.  You can cut any shape you would like, but I opted for a square.  To make one sachet, you will need to cut two equal parts.

Sew the seams (leaving one end seam open) with right sides together.
Turn the pocket right side out. 

Ready to FLIP!
Fill with potpourri.  Fold in the two raw edges and sew (finishing the seam and enclosing the remaining side).

Ready to finish the raw edge
I even packaged them up with a bow.   All ready for the moms!

ready to gift

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