May 27, 2011


Posted by Lori and special guest Danica~
Maybe you’ve seen it…and you know Ethne and I have seen it!  TLC’s new show Extreme Couponing!  Well, did you know that there is such a thing as an Extreme Rummager! That’s right!
Most Saturdays during the summer when I am in town (in Little City, ND), I will hit the garage sales and I have my girlfriends that like to hit the sales with me.  One friend is Danica and I know that Danica, like many of us, is always looking for a fabulous find or a deal!


But, Danica is different than me!  She plans, she strategizes, and she prepares for a big Saturday of garage sales and I think her instructions are brilliant…because it saves time!  And saving time is important for WOMS!  Not only that, but saving time allows you to hit sales and score major finds before your competition. 
I asked Danica to explain and here it goes:
So many bargains, so little time! I moved to little city, ND 14 months ago and began my current love of rummaging.  New to this small city, I was frequently lost and wasn’t able to efficiently find the sales.  You see this little city, ND city is cleverly divided by hills and a river which haphazardly divided streets and avenues twisting, turning, and magically making some streets simply disappear.  This is where a little bit of preplanning helps to keep rummaging a thrifty efficient experience instead of a frustrating drive wasting a lot of gas.  The key to success:  online classifieds, Google maps, and MS Word. 
Here’s the scoop to weekend rummage madness. 
1.   Open the rummage section of the online classifieds.  (Our Little City, ND classifieds are divided by area of the city, not by day).

2.   Open a new word document; Label the top of the page Friday and the bottom of the page Saturday. 

3.   Copy each listing including the address and the ad.  Place it under the appropriate Friday or Saturday

4.   *tip* Sales that are two days long are often really picked over on day two, its best to go the first day and not bother with the leftovers.

5.   When you’ve completed transferring all the descriptions, take a minute to read though the descriptions if you spy an entry you have no interest in, delete it but keep in mind you never know what treasures you will find.

6.   Open a web browser to Google Maps.  Type in your starting address and click add destination.

7.   Copy and paste each address, don’t worry about putting them in any order.  Now that you have all the addresses listed click Get Directions.  You’ll get a map that looks like this:

8.   Notice how the addresses are all over the place?  Simply click the letter you would like to rearrange and drag it to where it makes more sense.  If starting at A location B should be where location F is.  Click on F and drag it to B on your list of addresses.  Play with the letters until you have a map that looks a little more rummage friendly.

9.   Print a copy of the map by clicking the print option.  You will be given the option to print a large map as well as printing with directions.  Print with directions!  It will be much easier for your navigator or you to get from home to home on your rummage quest. 

10.               Print a copy of the address and description page as well.  I write the letter of the site from the map on the listing; it is also nice to have a reference of closing/opening times and the featured items of each sale when you are on the road.  I also like to make my phone do my thrift work for me, so I also email a copy to my blackberry, just in case additional references are needed.

Additional Tips:
Have a few canvas bags in the car. I have a favorite cloth bag that rolls into a small ball generally attached to my purse; this eliminates the need for plastic bags. (Remember the home-made shopping bag post—you can make your own!)
Designate a rummage wallet.  This should have cash, small bills preferably and a dollar or so in quarters to make transactions fast for both you and the seller.  REMEMBER WOMS NEED TO STAY ON BUDGET!
Keep a list of the treasures you are hunting for.  I keep it in my phone.  For example, I have a list on my phone of all my nephews and niece’s sizes.  If I am looking for something special, perhaps the remaining Harry Potter books, or something to repurpose for a TV stand; knowing the measurements and details of the want can save a lot of troubles down the road as well as duplicates.
Most importantly have fun, bring a friend, crank up the tunes and grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage; enjoy the hunt for new treasures. 
Thanks Danica for this FABULOUS POST!  You extreme rummaging is motivating!  Can’t wait to go on the hunt soon!


Kirsti Lukens Craig said...

I've done the google map thing with my rummage route a few times but don't print it. Instead, I save it to "My maps" then bring it up on my phone's google map's app. for GPS directions to each place according to my map route. It does save tons of time!

p.s. Lori, are you going out tomorrow morning? Let me know!

JenPK said...

I am going to implement this strategy right now! I usually just roam around. I think you forgot one factor, the different start times. That is what frustrates me and messes up my plan sometimes.

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Willow Lake Stitches said...

Very nice post, and great idea ! I'm just catching up on your blog and enjoying it !


Little City, ND ☺