May 17, 2011


Posted by Lori~
If you live in my little city, ND town, you’ve seen it.  The slow drive by, the increased traffic in your neighborhood!  Yes, Steve and I were THOSE PEOPLE!  We felt like total creepers and Mur-Man was along for the ride.
Our city offers what is called “community-wide clean-up days”.  What does this mean?  People can put items that they want to discard on their curb.  There is no city dump fee and the best part of the whole process is it turns into a city-wide event!  It’s like a FREE flee market!  Even better—a lot of the “garbage” doesn’t go to the dump, but instead gets re-used by others.
It looks like these community membors didn't want their door!
I remember in college, people would literally stock their apartments with furniture from the city-wide clean-up!  It’s GREAT!

I think I am seeing a vacuum and a chair!  AND SO MUCH MORE!

A WOM-MOM follower Katie writes the blog par-VENTING!  Check it out—it’s FAB-U-LOUS!
During her recent clean-up tour of the city she scored some awesome items for her son.  Check it out:

Katie's finds:  A potty chair and a rocking chair! 
And…they were FREE!
Unfortunately, Steve and I didn’t fare so well.  I had my eye on a picnic table that needed a little work and we planned to pick up.  But literally, I got home from work, grabbed Steve and Mur-Man, and it was gone!  My FREE PICNIC TABLE DREAM WAS DESTROYED! (but…I did get a free table and chairs from my mother-in-law…more on that later!)
According to Ethne, her big MN city doesn’t do a community-wide clean-up!  But she is convinced that they should!  Consider it WOMS—ask your community leaders to start this program!  What do you have to lose?  And—who knows, you might find some major treasures for FREE!  THAT’S RIGHT—FREE!

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Kirsti Lukens Craig said...

We snagged an old, solid wood, paneled interior door--complete with it's original nob and lock! I've been hunting to find one of these for ages. It's going to make a stellar headboard! While I was doing a happy dance because of the find, Mike was embarrassed by my scrounging. "You better not make this into a blog post. It's too embarrassing," were his exact words. Ha! Once he see's the finished product he'll want to shout it over the inter-webs with me. :)