May 24, 2011

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Lori on…Heartburn

Posted by Lori~
MY HEART BURNS FOR MY HUBBY!  Actually it does, but this Tuesday at noon…this thought for the day is also a shameless plug for heartburn coupons!  That’s right.  I am convinced that Steve has a chronic case of heartburn and those meds are expensive!  Too much for this WOM’S budget!
"I think" he has heartburn!
You see, Steve thought he had horrible allergies and actually the doctor thought he had horrible allergies.  And so, we went to a specialist, we did the prick test, and we discovered that Steve has a few allergies (unfortunately, Steve is allergic to cats—sorry T-Rex!), but actually not too many allergies (three to be exact). 

T-Rex:  I am sorry, but Steve is allergic to you!  I STILL LOVE YOU!
So allergies it’s not and heartburn (I think) it is!  Actually the doctor “thinks” it could be heartburn too.   

And so I am asking all WOM-MOM followers to send coupons!  Please email and I will provide you with a mailing address (or tell me where to find these coupons--any info is appreciated).  And if there are coupons that you need, comment on this post.  This could turn into a mini-coupon exchange among our followers!  WHY NOT! 

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