May 10, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Yes, the topic of babies seems to be on a lot of people’s minds and I coincidentally am in the process of planning an over-the-top baby shower for my dear friend Jen (of course with the help of Karla, Reagen, and Robin).  We have the theme picked out, invites are ordered, working on the menu, and of course the décor.

Here's Jen!  And no, the theme is NOT derby!
Right around Christmas I attended a shower in honor of Katie (AKA Crafty Katie) who had A-DOR-A-BLE Anna!  She is absolutely beautiful. 

Katie attending my shower!
The shower happened pre-Anna and trust me—Anna would have LOVED this shower as much as me!


The theme was candy-canes and all things minty!  Katie’s very crafty friends, and my friends too (Danielle and Andrea), put together a spread that was very eye catching. 

ADORABLE HOT COCOA FAVORS!  Of course--with a candy cane!
Katie had already decided that owls would decorate the new baby’s room (she hadn’t found out the sex pre-baby).  And so a home-made make your own owl contest was the game (Unfortunately, no photos of the owls to show!).  I have yet to see if these owls are decorating baby Anna’s room, but they turned out super cute.

And so—use this post as shower inspiration, or birthday, or anything inspiration.  IT WAS MARVELOUS!  And candy-licious!


Andi said...

So cool! Thanks for mentioning us and the shower! Love the pictures and your blog!

WOM-MOMS said...

Thank you for allowing us to use the shower as inspiration! IT WAS AWESOME!