July 11, 2013

The Pintester Movement 2.0: Modern Bun Re-Test

Posted by Ethne~

Hello Friends.  And if you’re fellow Pintestes, welcome to Wom-Mom!

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I love a good blog challenge. Lori and I have done quite a few of them on this blog, just check the ‘Popular Posts’ column over there on the right.  The best part about the Pintester Movement is that we’re only being challenged to mediocrity.  Ingenious. (Check out other Pintestes test es on her blog's Pintester Movement Category here.)

This time, our sage Pintester has challenged us to re-test things she’s already tested for us.  I took quite a while scrolling through her tests, picking just the thing to try for y’all today.  I share Pintester’s longing to achieve Pinterest perfection in all the beauty pins.  But what a joke!  No actual human can do this sh!t. (No offense to the lady who originally posted this hairstyle - the Modern Bun - from her blog, here, she seems nice.) 

The original - very classy.
Pintester - VERY CLASSY.

Pintester’s hair was too short, or something, for the Modern Bun when she tried it here.  It looks nothing like a bun.  Surely my hair, which is much longer, will be perfect?

Long, lifeless tresses.

I followed the directions from the original post EXACTLY.

High, loose ponytail
My ends look like straw, no?

And I looked effing ridiculous.  The bun part stuck up so high I looked like I had all of my Bumpits stacked one upon the other underneath it.

It's a golden shower.

I tried to bobby pin the pieces in the back, but my layers fell out all over the place anyway.


Then the bun started falling apart.  Not even a whole can of AquaNet hairspray could save it.  Which I don’t have anyway.

Right.  One erect piece left.

It took me so long trying to take a picture with my phone that Shaun came to the bathroom door to ask if I was taking a deuce.  No, I’m doing a stupid hairstyle challenge for the blog, SHAUN (which is even more embarrassing to admit to my long-suffering husband).

I decided that the only thing left to do was to stick a pink shiny heart on my dimple, pretend I’m Amanda Bynes and take the best selfie I could.  "You're ugly!"

Nailed it.  PS, no, I do not normally have a double-chin.  PPS, Shaun asked me why I had a heart on my face when I came out of the bathroom.  Oh, you know, I'm fancy, or possibly pretending I have my cheek pierced.


Ashley Blom said...

My hair never would have made it past step 2, it's too huge and curly and frizzy, haha. Your hair is lovely and pretty! Sorry the "simple" bun was not so simple.

Check out my failed pin... the results were pretty gross.

Sonja Foust said...

I think maybe it's just that our hair is too thick and lustrous for this to work. Let's go with that!

Unknown said...

Pinterest strikes again! Trolling the hopeful, unsuspecting victim. *shakes fist* Pinterest!

That fabulous hair just didn't want to be tamed into that bun.

Katie Maynard said...

good try, though! I also often wonder what my boyfriend thinks when I'm in the bathroom trying out stuff from pinterest. :-)

Natalia said...

"It's a golden shower"


Too bad it didn't work out, but at least you could Amanda Bynes it out.

Sunflowercake said...

Hahaha well, nicely tried. Thank you, now I know I do not have to try it!!