July 1, 2013


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We apologize for the break from blogging, but Ethne and I have been busy enjoying Girl's Trip 2013!  It was a fabulous weekend filled with all kinds of fun.  Ethne and I will have multiple posts dedicated to this annual tradition.

First up, WOM-MOM follower, friend, and GT Bestie Steph is around 36 weeks pregnant and adorable!

Isn't she adorable!
Christa and Steph just had a hair blow-out!  Doesn't it look awesome!
We decided to throw a surprise baby shower.  This will be her third baby, and it's a girl!  The best part was that while Steph and Christa got their hair blown-out we could get the party ready!
I made tissue poms...you can read about how to make them here.

We played guess the celebrity pregnant belly.  Steph rocked it! She and I are both pop culture experts!

Ethne made her famous hummingbird cake!  DELICIOUS!

Ethne made chicken bruschetta salad.  You can get the recipe here.

We made cucumber, strawberry lemonade. 

We played pin the sperm on the uterus!  Ethne even made the sperms!  Cute--huh?

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