July 29, 2013

Baby M has arrived!!

Posted by Ethne~

After much stretching of her mother’s stomach, Baby M is here!

Absolutely perfect!

We are most excited, as Steph is one of our very best friends.  I talk to her daily – and she’s in the GT echelon, meaning we’ve known each other since elementary school.

Since M had popped Steph’s bump out almost instantly, I had guessed at a 9-pounder, but she came in just at 7 pounds, 14 ounces.  I was totally off.  I was wrong on the name too, seeing as my suggestion was a combination of my middle name with Slags’ middle name (WHAT?).

Steph’s first comment (a text to us practically from the operating room, which we expected) was that M was FEISTY, crying non-stop from the moment she came out!  They got her calmed down and she’s been a dolly ever since.

This is how she came out.

I sincerely hope she does a nice meconium squirt on her daddy since he pretty well gags at the sight of baby poo.  Then we’ll really know if she’s still got that feisty in her.  Auntie Ethne has her fingers crossed.  (You're welcome, Ryan.)

In the meantime, Steph and Ryan and fam, have a ball with this wee little princess.  I can’t wait to meet her in person!  Congratulations!!  Then, you can get down to the important business of contemplating which cosmetic procedure to attack first: breast implants, tummy tuck or botox.  [All theoretical; WE don’t actually need THOSE things.]

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